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Aurora Worldwide Expo Service

  |  Aurora Worldwide Expo Service

“Aurora” belongs to OLILY Group. Integrating abundant experiences from thousands of global event services organized by OLILY in the past 30 years, Aurora aims at targeting the best business chance for exhibitors and developing more trade fairs of pioneering trends.
Our full service will meet your need and product features perfectly and increase your success to certain level prior market-entry. Based on our highly integrated resources and wide-ranging services covering all industries, Aurora is confident in granting you the best service for all shows.

Full service at one stop

We provide consulting and customized service including space rental, construction, transportation and business trip.

Global trade fair

We develop new trade fairs in wide range of different industries, offering agent service of overseas fairs, forums and sourcing events.

海外參展諮詢 - 歐立利 展覽設計


海外參展攻略 - 經展國際會展

【 Expo consultation】 Exhibition grant


【 Expo consultation 】2019 Japan Home and Building Show

2020 世界行動通訊大會 MWC 【參觀券限時優惠熱賣中!】

【 Special price 】2020 MWC Pass

EXPO consultation

【Expo consultation 】2019 Pyongyang International Green Building Materials and Furniture Exhibition