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OLILY international group was founded in Düsseldorf, Germany amidst the booming international trade of the 1990s. It offered a comprehensive German core technical chain experience within the exhibition industry. Responding to the production demands spurred by a growing economy and rapid expansion, OLILY officially established its headquarters in Taiwan in 1991. To better serve our customers, OLILY contracted all production marketing needs, including tailor-made productions for enterprise brands and national pavilion planning.

Throughout its thirty years of international exhibition experience, OLILY has reached the pinnacle of spatial marketing by continually providing our clients with the most professional, honest service.

OLILY's name is inspired by the well-known French phrase, "oh là là", an expression of admiration at the sight of supreme beauty.

What sets us apart from the competition

Eyes for design, respecting ultimate beauty

Using a Western-themed design core, we insist on instilling a space with absolute beauty, and devote ourselves to creating breathtaking designs for each client.

These are our services

We assist enterprises with planning exhibition booth in international exhibitions. By using space marketing, integrating the business’s spirit, our client can show their values and products unique feature to every visitor from the globe and to achieve the business opportunities.

展覽設計 - 歐立利 展覽設計

Exhibition space design

Space design planning for national pavilion and global exhibitions.

展覽設計 - 歐立利 展覽設計

Marketing event planning

Exhibition events
Booth marketing organization

展覽設計 - 歐立利 展覽設計

Commercial space design

Planning for various display spaces, including brand concept stores/flagship stores, counters, windows displays

展覽設計 - 歐立利 展覽設計

Integrated project management

Comprehensively improve work efficiency from pre-planning through installation stages

OLILY International Exhibition Design | Integrating international operations

We assist enterprises with booth design and pavilion design in international exhibitions and provide services worldwide. Our global alliance construction teams and direct production factories can offer professional design advice based on the marketing experience of each country to precisely showcase product quality.

Olivon Expo Team, Shanghai | Cross-strait local management

Located in Pudong, Shanghai, the team provides services such as exhibition design, commercial space, RV modification, corporate image and product development on both sides of the strait.

With localized management, we assist major enterprises with achieving operational efficiency and strategizing international trade wars.

O'YA Marketing Solution & Interior Design|Creative space and marketing

We provide top quality of interior design and marketing activities for domestic exhibitions, large-scale projects, special exhibitions, public relations and marketing events, and commercial spaces.

Our designs incorporate the core spirit of our customers to accurately present products and customer needs.

Aurora Worldwide Expo Service |International exhibition agency

To meet the challenges of industrial transformation, our international global exhibition agent services and professionals are always ready to target the best exhibitions for business opportunities.

Original Design Communication |Comprehensive service

We provide full-services for enterprises: Brand identity, corporate identity, event identity, space identity and website identity plans and brand consultation.

With innovative value as goal, we enhance the brand competitiveness of companies.

OJK Industrial Co. | Group global engineering headquarters

Integrated services for space: Construction, material recycling, maintenance, warehousing.

We create exhibition spaces that reflect design value. As professionals in material combination, we practice eco-friendliness.

OLILY Group, reinventing your brand.

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